What is Trendfollowing

Trendfollowing is a reactionary method to trading markets, rather than predictive. It usually employs advanced risk management as it’s major element, with only a secondary focus to entries and exits.

Trendfollowing accepts drawdowns as part of the nature of its system in the pursuit of absolute return, which usually makes it a hard sell when managing other people’s money. However I, and many others, believe that these planned, systemic drawdowns are much less risky than the typical, heavy bear markets we’ve seen over the past 30 years that devastate the typical portfolio. Trendfollowers avoid these collapses and sometimes even profit from them!

Finally, and definitely most important, trendfollowing requires a sound mind, which is usually the biggest struggle for many who wish to be successful in this domain. Taking the emotion out of trading can be done via mechanical means (e.g. trading outside market hours) or psychological, such as practicing mindfulness or just even getting enough exercise and peace.

If trendfollowing trading interests you, please be sure to also look up the likes of:
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I get a lot of my inspiration from these guys!