It’s been another odd week in this bull run, but interestingly another great Friday for me, maybe this time the quadruple witching had something to do with it.

My featured image is $AAOI, which seems to be continuing the flag portion of its high-tight-flag move. The strength on Friday on good volume in the formation after the initial down move is a really good sign it will be successful, but time will only tell.

$TSRO tanked on my, but is still barely profitable. Again any discretionary trader would sell this, and when I didn’t trust my system I would do it. But I will hold, I’ve seen too many slip away from me it’s worth the one unit of risk to see.

My other stocks either ended flat or continued their upward momentum. Next are my favourite charts, $SHOP, $BEAT and $CGNX. This charts just make me happy. Notice how little intra-day volatility there is, yet the uptrend is very strong and stable. That to me indicates really positive institutional ownership. Big money doesn’t mess around, the accumulation is a multi-month affair and they add every day so as not cause a big move all at once.

The rest of my charts show some consolidation. They may not look as strong, but these moves are still baking in the oven. I’m sure they will move up, but it will take time for the buying to come in. Or they will tank and I will sell at a small loss as usual. I will be waiting and watching! Check out $NVDA, $WAL, $OSK and $PLAY.

Until next time! In the meantime, check out my portfolio performance.

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