Ride the Mechanical Bull

So this week was a lot of fun. Some wild moves, up and down, but in the end it finished pretty even among the my accounts. A little lower on my RRSP and nice chunk higher in my LIRA with LOTS of volatility. Large movements that didn’t get anywhere really overall, just like a mechanical bull, since my RRSP is about 4x the size of my LIRA. Check out my portfolio here.

$NVDA and the Urge to Sell!

$NVDA had a pretty bad last three weeks, down 16%, but still well above my stop of $85.74, so the name of the game is to hold and not give into the urge to sell and break my system.

I have to give special credit to Nick Radge, who gave me the simple, calm reminder below in response to my $NVDA anxiety. I loved his books, especially Unholy Grails. Awesome book, great read, and you really can’t beat the price, either!

At least $AAOI Made Up for It!

Well $AAOI brightened up my weekend with a Thursday after-hours move that roughly doubled over Friday’s trading by the close, a nice 24% for that period, 59% since I bought it. It is now edging $NVDA in performance in my portfolio.

Trending to the $BEAT

$BEAT finished the week up nicely with no complaints as it showed continuation from a few days break. The volume lately has been excellent, all up days have above average volume since the breakout.

Ideas of the Week

As for stocks I don’t own, here are some interesting moves I caught in my filter this week. I really like the $LNTH (Lantheus Holdings) move. It is a leading stock, and I owned it before only to be shaken out. I had no cash to go back in, and had to watch this run away. Oh well!

Have a great weekend!


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